Each session with me is an hour and will work and stretch your entire body.  I come to you at your home or office, or we can even train at a local park. I bring a variety of equipment to keep things interesting so your body never plateaus: stepper, weights, balance ball, medicine ball, resistance bands, jump rope, Bosu trainer, Kettle bell, etc.  If you have your own equipment we can incorporate that as well.  The exercises come from all different modalities such as boot camp drills, kickboxing, yoga, weight training, ballet, plyometrics.  We will move from exercises and muscle groups quickly in order to keep your heart rate up and to get the most out of your body and workout.  

yoga booty print.jpeg

Cardio is also an important element.  Most clients I train don’t like to do cardio on their own, so I incorporate that into the workout.  If you don’t have any cardio equipment (i.e. treadmill, etc) it’s not a problem.  We can do some kickboxing, step, jump rope, and many other things to get your heart rate up.  It's  at type of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and it gets the job done!