I became a personal trainer and nutrition coach because I have a passion to help people achieve their fitness and health goals. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire and have multiple certifications through the nationally accredited organization, AFAA.  I enjoy the nutrition and fitness work I do with many special populations ranging from pregnant and postpartum women, the morbidly obese, the elderly, people in early addiction recovery, those suffering from disordered eating, and folks suffering from diabetes. I work with men and women of all ages and abilities.  When living in Los Angeles, I was the head trainer at CBS Studios.

The greatest reward for me is to see the transformation in my clients' lives.  Not only do the numbers drop on the scale, but their overall health improves drastically. I've had clients who were on cholesterol medicine no longer needing it anymore. Doctors confirming that they are no longer pre-diabetic.  A reduction in their blood pressure medicine was now in order because their numbers were so much better.  And of course, the overall confidence, better sleep, and more energy my clients receive puts a smile on my face.