Should You Exercise When Sick?

With flu & cold season around the corner, we're bound to at least a get a sniffle or two. As someone who is used to a fitness routine, I always get thrown off when I'm sick. Should I work out anyway? Will it make me feel better? Or will it just prolong my recovery? I did a little research as to what doctors say you should do, and they all pretty much say the same thing:

If your illness is "above the neck" (i.e. runny nose, sneezing, sore throat) you can work out but at a reduced intensity. So instead of hitting heavy weights and going for a hard run, take it easy. A light jog around the neighborhood may give you some much needed energy and help relieve sinus congestion.

However, if you're illness is "below the neck" (i.e chest congestion, cough, muscle aches that aren't due to a previous workout, upset stomach, fever) than NO you shouldn't work out. You're body is already working overtime fighting infection. So any more stress to it could just make you worse.

Most importantly you should pay attention to how you feel. If you start working out but realize that you have absolutely no energy or start getting dizzy, stop. Take another day or two to rest. You won't get fat! Just make sure you stick to clean eating. Also, your body actually burns more calories when you're really sick due to fighting the infection.