Your Spiritual Health at Work

From time to time I like to feature guest writers, who's expertise in other fields, go hand and hand with the mission of Healthy Go To Girl- complete health for mind, body and spirit. Today's writer is published author Danielle Gruen.

Spirituality and the Workplace

Is there a place for spirituality in the workplace? I find myself being asked this often of my clients. And what do I say, you may be wondering. I'm honest and professional; what else is there to be? Spirituality is such a touchy subject because of how personal and potentially different and deep it is for each person, family, and culture. Here are some Tips to ponder:

*One must first determine if/how a place of employment is draining or replenishing one's self energetically. This, in and of itself, is an aspect of spirituality. Is your spiritual self awake or hindered at work? Are you full or depleated energetically?
*If a job or career decision is troubling your spirit, think about the significance of this and its effects on your mind, body, and soul. Are you losing part of yourself, feeling at peace, or somewhere in between?
*Before accepting a job offer, research the place of employment, the employer, the mission statement, and determine their workplace values. Does it hold meaning and truth to you or is it in conflict with your own values?
*Know what you are looking for, and follow through with your intent. Do not settle for less or other, unless knowingly doing so with acceptance of self and workplace.
Danielle Gruen, MS, NCC, DCC, is the Founder and Career Counselor/Consultant of Living Careers in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in career changers, women in the workplace, and adults in transition. She currently serves as Disability Awareness Specialist and liaison counselor in the transition services program for high school students. She earned her Masters degree from San Francisco State and has previously worked in non-profit, Higher Education, and government as a Career Counselor and Life Coach. She recently began a photography business ( shooting headshots, family portraits, and products for individuals and business. She can be reached at: and