Could Your Thyroid Be Making You Fat?

If you've tried EVERYTHING you can to lose weight and the pounds still won't budge, you should get your thyroid checked. Healthy thyroid functioning is crucial to regulating metabolism. Even if your thyroid is just a little on the low side, it may still be very hard to lose weight. I found this to be the case with me. Even with an impeccable diet and fitness regimen, I found it harder and harder to keep my weight under control. I had other issues too that made me go see an endocrinologist: extreme fatigue being the biggest one. The lab results showed that I had mild hypothyroidism.

I am now taking Armour Thyroid (a natural thyroid replacement) and go see my doctor every few months to monitor my progress. There are some adjustments that need to be made before you find the right medicine and dose that works for you. When your thyroid is functioning properly, you will still need to eat right and exercise to keep your weight under control. But the difference is that this time your efforts will work!

Unfortunately some doctors are not sympathetic to individuals who have mild hypothyroidism, instead dismissing them as lazy. If this is the case, find a doctor who is willing to help you. If any of these symptoms ring true to you, go get your blood work checked...

Common Hypothroidism Symtpoms

* Inappropriate weight gain
* Chronic fatigue/ sluggish, feeling run down
* Muscle weekness
* Frequent constipation
* Brain fog
* Feeling cold (especially in hands & feet) when others are hot
* Low blood pressure/ slow pulse
* Thinning, dry hair
* Husky, hoarse or gravelly voice
* Heavy or irregular menstrual cycles
* Having trouble conceiving
* Mood swings/ depression
* No/low sex drive
* Developed allergies or they have become worse
* Dizziness or vertigo
* Heart palpitations

A great resource to pick up is LIVING WELL WITH HYPOTHYROIDISM by Mary J. Shoman