Reduced guilt Thanksgiving desserts

Thanksgiving dinner... You know you're going to indulge a little. I know I am! And it's perfectly ok to do so. What's the point of working out hard if you can't live a little? However, for those of you who aren't at your goal weight and still trying to lose, you may want to shave a few calories here and there. One easy way to do this is to lighten up your desserts without compromising on flavor.

Here are some easy suggestions:

-Replace half of the sugar called for with Truvia (stevia based sweetener)

-Make pies using only a single crust instead of double. (Apple pies are great for this) Each slice will save you approximately 250 calories per slice

- With baked goods such as cakes, substitute apple sauce for oil. Your dessert will still be moist and delicious

- Make homemade pudding pies (like chocolate cream) with 2% milk instead of whole. You'll never miss the fat.

If you're not doing the baking yourself (or going to dinner at a friend's or family member's home) there are a couple of guidelines you should adhere to.

1.) Eat only one dessert. You're more likely to overdue it if you sample several desserts. Just think of buffets!

2.) Stay away from pecan pie. It's the worst in fat, calories and sugar.

3.) When in doubt, go with pumpkin pie. It's almost always single crust and relatively light in calories.