Delicious Nutritional Yeast

I just discovered Nutritional Yeast and have no idea why I hadn't heard about it before. Apparently, it's a staple in vegan diets because, not only is it a good source of protein, but it tastes like cheese! I'm not a vegan (or even a vegetarian for that matter) but I love trying new things, especially if they're low in calories. So I trotted over to my local Whole Foods where they sell Nutritional Yeast in their dry bulk section. I scooped about a 2 cups into my bag (which only cost about $1.50) and headed home. 

Nutritional Yeast is yellow with little flakes in it. (It's deactivated yeast so it won't make dough rise) One tablespoon only has 25 calories and is chock full of goodness:
4 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, and only .5 grams of fat and 2mg of sodium.

What's really impressive is the amount of B vitamins one teeny tablespoon provides. Here are the % of Daily Values (DV)
Thiamin 320%, Riboflavin 285%, Niacin 140%, Vitamin B6 240%, Vitamin B 12 65%, Folate 30% 

Again this is for only one tablespoon! I love it so much, I usually have 2 tablespoons per day. The extra B Vitamins have been giving me more energy and I can see the difference in my workouts too. Don't be concerned about getting extra Bs. Whatever your body doesn't use, it will expel through your urine.

Now most importantly, Nutritional Yeast tastes really good! It actually does taste like cheese. Think of it as yellow parmesan. I sprinkle it on salads, popcorn, toast, and eggs and mix it into greek yogurt, cottage cheese and soup. Go get some. Your tummy and body will be happy.