Best Tasting Low Cal Salad Dressings

You know you're supposed to eat your veggies but hate the diet dressings to top them off with. Or worse, you grab some fattening high caloric dressing with hidden sugars and your virtuous intensions are out the window. Here to save the day are...

Robin's Top 5 Salad Dressings Picks!

1. GALEOS WORLD'S BEST MISO CAESAR (Perfect with romaine & Parmesean) 14 Cals/Tbsp, 0g Sugar, 0.7gCarbs, 1gFat

2. GALEOS WORLD'S BEST MISO GINGER & WASABI (So good with Asian cuisine like edamame, bok choy and pea pods)
14 Cals/Tbsp, 0g Sugar, 0.7gCarbs, 1gFat

3. FOLLOW YOUR HEART RANCH (Great with everything!
13 Cals/Tbsp, 0g Sugar, 0.5gCarbs, >1gFat

4. LITEHOUSE SALSA RANCH (The answer for your Mexican dishes)
30 Cals/Tbsp, 1g Sugar, 1.5gCarbs, 2.5gFat

5.) LITEHOUSE LITE BLEU CHEESE (This one's a little more caloric so portion control! But awesome with celery, carrots and grilled chicken dipped in hot sauce)
35 Cals/Tbs, 1g Sugar, 1gCarb, 3gFat

*To make an even lighter Italian style version do what I do--Mix 1 part Blue Cheese dressing and 1 part Balsamic vinegar. It's tangy and has even less calories!